The Human-Human Interface

Bumps on the Road to the Future

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A cyborg mid-life crisis.

Brain Chip

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“…development of a unique “’brain-implantable’ system-on-a-chip (SoC) for bi-directional brain-computer interfaces (BBCI) aimed at solving neurodegenerative disorders.”

An Islamic State of Mind?

The World Right Now

As ISIS loses its grip on territory, it loses its story as the restoration of the caliphate, but does not stop its attacks.  So what is it?

And now Zuckerberg


Celebrity Investment in Brain-Computer Interfaces

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Doesn’t hurt to have Elon Musk in the BCI space. But I think the AI element is more hype than we need just now – elementary motor function interfaces before tackling APIs for “intelligence”?


Group Mind from a Non-Technical Perspective

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Toward a Fourth Turning of Buddhism

From Ken Wilber: “We” practices—A popular saying is that the next Buddha will be the Sangha. There are an increasing number of groups who take this very seriously, and not only practice together, as is common now, but are pioneering the exploration of actual “we” experiences—or shared experiences—at each of the higher stages of meditative development (e.g., gross, subtle, causal, etc.). As each stage of meditation shows us a higher consciousness (or “I” space), what is the corresponding “we” space of such higher “I’s” brought together?

Gibson on Global Shifts

Wholeness and Virtual Communities

“Our cultural models of the apocalypse are all extremely short-term. The jackpot, like climate change, began long ago, progressed invisibly.”

And Hate Memes

The World Right Now

interesting that after the initial spike, hate incidents have declined. Antibodies at work in the global brain?

Distributed Power for Distributed Intelligence

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a Parasite on the Global Brain

Wholeness and Virtual Communities

The parasite metaphor is not quite the way I see it, but if a single human brain contains good and bad impulses, why not a global brain?