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“Case was twenty-four. At twenty-two, he’d been a cowboy, a rustler, one of the best in the Sprawl…jacked into a custom cyberspace deck that projected his disembodied consciousness into the consensual hallucination that was the matrix.”
– William Gibson

Building a Neurosphere

Personal Infrastructure

The Neurosphere Institute is now exploring some concrete steps to build out the personal infrastructure – jacking in if you will.  Here’s a summary from the first baby step, which established an ongoing project and team.  Join us or learn more by sending a message.

Thirty people gathered for the first Rocky Mountain BrainHack on Saturday, November 10.  The event was marked by:

  • Educational presentations on neuroscience, machine learning applied to neuroscience, and the new generation of brain-computer interface technologies.
  • Hands-on time with the new generation of brain-computer interface devices.
  • Extensive roundtable discussion of mental flow-states, including how to define them and identify associated brainwave patterns.
  • Data gathering to fuel further research on the flow-state project
  • Business and product roundtable focused on the assistive technology landscape.
  • Successful testing of an initial proof-of-concept of using device output for mental commands to move a third-party device. This path has great potential to provide assistive technology solutions to the disabled community. See the video here!

Neural Correlates of Spiritual Experience

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Overall, the study introduces a novel method for investigating brain correlates of personally meaningful spiritual experiences and suggests neural mechanisms associated with broadly defined and personally experienced spirituality.

Wearable MEG

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A new generation of brain scanner, that can be worn like a helmet allowing patients to move naturally whilst being scanned, has been developed. It is part of a five-year Wellcome funded project which has the potential to revolutionize the world of human brain imaging

Wearable Silent Speech Device

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Work from MIT Fluid Media Labs.

Mapping Consciousness

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We use the statistics of movement—much
like cryptographers use the statistics of language—to find a mapping between neural activity and motor variables

Bumps on the Road to the Future

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A cyborg mid-life crisis.

Brain Chip

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“…development of a unique “’brain-implantable’ system-on-a-chip (SoC) for bi-directional brain-computer interfaces (BBCI) aimed at solving neurodegenerative disorders.”

Celebrity Investment in Brain-Computer Interfaces

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Doesn’t hurt to have Elon Musk in the BCI space. But I think the AI element is more hype than we need just now – elementary motor function interfaces before tackling APIs for “intelligence”?


Distributed Power for Distributed Intelligence

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BCI news

Personal Infrastructure

Implanted chip enables man to move arm with thoughts