The Human-Human Interface

Neurosphere Technologies Consulting

The goal of Neurosphere Technologies is to further develop neuroscience technology and businesses in the service of cognitive and physical health, wellness, and personal growth. The company has a specific focus on recent trends in consumer pricing for neurotechnologies, such as EEG equipment.  NST will leverage the price/performance curves to foster a community of developers and experimenters, and unlock the potential for mass-market applications. 

Our full capabilities statement is here.

TransTech Boulder
Don Dulchinos was the founder of TransTech Boulder, a regional chapter of the Transformative Technologies global organization. TransTech is a a global community of entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors building tech for mental wellness, emotional wellbeing, and human flourishing.  

TransTech Boulder hosted monthly events or webinars in 2020 featuring entrepreneurs from across Colorado. Click here to view recordings of past events featuring neurotech pioneers and entrepreneurs.

We are now supporting a sister organization called Consciousness Hacking Colorado – follow their events on Meet-up or Facebook.