The Human-Human Interface

About This Site

This site was originally designed as the beginnings of a tool to help illustrate the existence of a noosphere, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s notion of a “thinking layer” interconnecting all humans. (Neurosphere is just a variation of the term noosphere.) This was the inspiration for current work I’m doing as Neurosphere Technologies.

The Weblog, no longer being updated, was intended to track developments in four areas. The idea is that the Internet and related technologies, Network Infrastructure, connect more and more people. The interfaces between humans and technology, Personal Infrastructure, in turn can help bring us closer to each other. The combination of personal and network infrastructure leads us to a broader and more immediate awareness of The World Right Now. And finally, images and approaches to Wholeness are the goal – the place where technology turns out to have a spiritual component.   Click on the categories to the left to find past postings and pointers relevant to each of these topic areas.

A recent update of my thinking, a little less utopian but still about the meaning of technology, may be found here.