The Human-Human Interface

Favorite Links for Personal Infrastructure

  • StreetTech
    My favorite guide to personal electronic technologies – “The street finds its own uses for things.” – William Gibson
  • Wearable Computing Group at Carnegie-Mellon
    I like to watch the progress at universities on wearable computing – it seems like something that grabs the imagination of students. I bounce back and forth between Carnegie Mellon and MIT.
  • Neural Prosthesis Program – National Institute of Health
    Progressing from the external interface to the internal.
  • Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility
    Very small radio frequency chips are being embedded in everything from credit cards to passports (well, maybe). What are the implications of RFID implants in humans – don’t you want to be linked into global supply chains? This site is an industry association that thinks benefits. On the other side:
  • The RFID Opposition