The Human-Human Interface

Mapping Consciousness

Personal Infrastructure
We use the statistics of movement—much
like cryptographers use the statistics of language—to find a mapping between neural activity and motor variables

Halo Neuroscience Funding



The company’s flagship device, the Halo Sport, is designed to deliver neurostimulation to the motor cortex in a 20 minute neuropriming session which Halo Neuroscience claims induces a temporary state of hyperplasticity that allows neural pathways from the motor cortex to the muscles to be optimized and strengthened.”

Brain-Computer Interfaces at the Consumer Electronics Show


My top ten of consumer-grade EEG devices. 

Neural Correlates of Mood Disorders


…use algorithms to detect patterns associated with mood disorders, then deep-brain stimulation to disrupt those patterns. DARPA-funded…



Test post to social media


This is a test

Cognitive Planet


An opinion from a scientist taking the long view.


Consciousness Hacking Meet-ups


A Colorado group that is doing some meet-ups that touch on neurosphere themes, especially Brain-Computer Interfaces.

Transceiver Implant?


Begs the question – how to get messages from your mind to the transmitter…

Ambient Energy for All My Friends


DARPA is in the BCI Game now


“The Neural Engineering System Design (NESD) program aims to develop an implantable neural interface able to provide advanced signal resolution and data-transfer bandwidth between the brain and electronics.”

Grants have begun to go out – “As part of the DARPA NESD Program, Paradromics is developing the Neural Input–Output Bus, or “NIOB”, which is scheduled for clinical trials in 2021.”