The Human-Human Interface

Must Be in the Front Row

The World Right Now

Imagine a TV remote control as easy to use as the iPod interface. Marry it to a processor that’s powerful enough to find all the cable channels snaking into your television or browse through all the music on your iPod. You can find all your stuff through one interface, but the problem is, you don’t _view_ or listen to the same stuff through the same display. So, can the interface travel with you. Can the iPod be your control for every device you walk past or sit down in front of?

“Remote Possibilities

The new Apple Remote makes it as easy to navigate through all the cool stuff on your computer as it is to navigate the songs in your iPod. A minimalist six buttons is all you really need. Play. Pause. Skip. Rewind. Crank up the volume. Whatever your pleasure, wherever you sit. Tip: you can use the Apple Remote to put your iMac to sleep. Simply press and hold the pause button for three seconds, just like iPod. Then, press any button to wake it up again.”