The Human-Human Interface

Bigger and Better Interfaces

The World Right Now

The wider and deeper availabilty of information from the world around us is outstripping our ability to keep it all useful and close at hand. Nobody thinks a single computer screen is the best place to bring it all together – here’s an example of someone experimenting with what is possible merely by increasing the size.

“Stuart Card, a senior research fellow at Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center, said the other thing that’s getting bigger is computer displays. Dr. Card has evidence of that in his own office in California, where he has six large computer screens attached to each other. “It has the surface area of a 5-foot table,” he said. He can use the screens as one large screen or several smaller ones and can easily move information from one area to another. Research suggests that having more information arrayed in front of them can actually help people have “bigger ideas,” Dr. Card said.

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