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Along with Google Earth and others, MapHub seeks to extend awareness of peoples thinking and acting about the geographic coordinates they can find and reach.

“The purpose of MapHub is to serve as a spatial forum for the residents of the City of Pittsburgh to find and share information about their community…MapHub is being used by bicycle safety Non-Profit Bike PGH! to collect information from cyclists about where they were hit or injured around the City of Pittsburgh. The neighborhood of Homewood is using MapHub technology to drive a website that makes information about services such as after school programs easily accessible. Many other organizations are working right now with our team to create interactive maps for use on their own websites.

Organizations can deliver map based information quickly and easily and can make changes and corrections in real time. Information that is hard to obtain and is usually only exchanged by word of mouth in communities can easily be collected online. Any way you use MapHub, your data is easily managed, shared, and maintained by members of your organization and the public.”