The Human-Human Interface

Virtual Worlds Revisited

The World Right Now

During a bookstore appearance about my book, an audience member said, “there’s already a Neurosphere – it’s called Second Life.” Here’s a short interview with the founder. 175,000 “residents” and growing.

“Second Life creates an Internet-like environment in 3D. The best way I can show you why 3D is so important is to ask you to tell me the last five emails you read or the last three files you opened with Word or any file name from your docs directory? Almost impossible, right? … So when I show you stuff in Second Life — like my house — if you’re in that room once, you’ll never forget what I’m doing there or what I’m working on. Let’s say there’s a kid in China who can’t speak English well — he can get into Second Life and start making stuff because he doesn’t need to understand any of the concepts in words.”