The Human-Human Interface

Regulating Archetypes

Wholeness and Virtual Communities

Ursula King and other theologians influenced by Teilhard speak of “noospheric institutions” – Doctors Without Borders is one example. I don’t think Television Without Frontiers is the best example, but it’s interesting that the Internet was transborder from the get-go. Telecommunications technology is by nature more effective and capable without geographic constraints – but politics right now governs television technology because it is the battleground of our most sacred archetypes – from holy warriors to Janet Jackson’s breast. But the calls for control of the latter ring hollow – the genie is so far out of the bottle that proposed controls function solely as political litmus tests.

The “Television without Frontiers” directive (89/552/EEC), adopted on 3 October 1989 by the Council and amended on 30 June 1997 by the European Parliament and the Council Directive 97/36/EC, establishes the legal frame of reference for the free movement of television broadcasting services in the Union in order to promote the development of a European market in broadcasting and related activities, such as television advertising and the production of audiovisual programmes.