The Human-Human Interface


Personal Infrastructure

1. IrisAccess 4000

IrisAccess 4000, buried in the corner of the huge display of LGE digital big fat flat screens, was the only sign of biometrics at the Show. That industry got up wholesale and moved over to the Homeland Security pig trough over the last couple years. I believe in about four more years it will appear again in the consumer space with amazing development funded by bottomless defense department and DHS spending.

2. Logicube

Logicube formerly recognized as the “dominant leader in hard drive duplication”, has expanded in this Age of Terrorism into the leader in computer forensic products that are Government approved and now offer solutions in the law enforcement community.“ That is, they sell technology for reading drives that have been wiped clean of data. The “Made in the USA logo is prominent, as is a United States Government Approved” seal with an eagle and the words Law Enforcement, United States of America, “to honor, serve and protect.”

3. Yellow Machine

A terabyte storage drive, in the shape and size (one foot tall) of a desktop refrigerator, with a distinctive yellow color. More sexing up of core geek technology, as Moore’s Law marches on.

4. Buffalo Technologies TeraStation

A similar size, but tricked out to look like a metal safe. It’s also tricked out, unlike the Yellow Machine, to be a home media server connected to television. When bytes is bytes, functionality is only limited by marketing imagination.

5. RJ Technology

“Welcome to RJ Technology’s fascinating digital world. Our vision is to offer a new touch of digital life style, which blends fashion and design with technology.” All the things in their catalog, from the floor speakers to MP3 and DVD players to the high fashion models, are emaciatingly thin.

6. Faserwave

A portable satellite receiver that folds up to the size of a notebook – get your satellite TV wherever you go. Of course you have to take the satellite converter box with you too – not bad for the mobile home lifestyle. Coming soon – the 2006 Marine Antenna, with digital gyro compass systems for satellite tracking in moving vessels.

7. RaySat SpeedRay 3000


Speaking of moving vessels, RaySat SpeedRay 3000 – tracking satellite receiver for the roof of your mobile vehicle of choice. Cool NASCAR name as well.

8. Chitter Chatter

So I bought my 9 year old daughter a cell phone for Christmas – a Firefly, with limited minutes and a set of preprogrammed numbers she can call. I still felt it was kind of early for that. Then I saw the Chitter Chatter phone – same kind of deal, but additional feature of location-based technology – be able to find location of your kid (or at least their phone) within 300 feet. The implications, of course, are that your boss could know if you’re playing golf when you call in sick. High degree of social impact in this one.

9. TouchNTalk Multi-Language Learning System

Scanner pen and companion unit with voice synthesizer that reads the words you scan. Kids can read to themselves! Very cool, unless it works like the first language processor I had, which translated a German menu item as the succulent “Pig’s Nipple”.

10. XaviX BassFISHING –

Adding to their line of baseball, golf and other games combining a motion sensing pad on which you stand and swing with video game environments on your TV, this year’s product introduction is…Bass Fishing! Pulse pounding action !!!