The Human-Human Interface

Grid Acquisition

Wholeness and Virtual Communities

Grid computing technology provider Kontiki purchased by Verisign to power Verisign’s entry into entertainment video delivery. Seems funny to me that a premier security company does not have all the business it can handle in homeland security. Further, like the West Corp. acquisition of Intrado, I’m not sure Verisign is a company with an appreciation of the revolutionary nature of the core competence of the business they are acquiring. But I guess in both cases, the value is evident, if maybe a little subconscious.

“VeriSign, a provider of network infrastructure services, said on Monday that it will pay $62 million to acquire Kontiki, a Silicon Valley-based provider of managed peer delivery systems for video, software and digital content. VeriSign said that Kontiki’s system will form the cornerstone of its platform to enable the delivery of rich media, with far greater efficiency and lower costs than traditional media distribution services.”