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I believe there’s a lot to be learned about the electrical nature of the brain and body. I’m not sure this device reflects much in the way of learning, but hey, they have an office just down the street from my house. Maybe I’ll drop in. Lord knows my cells have not been “vibrating at their optimal frequency” in years.

The VIBE Machine – (Vibrational Integration Bio-Photonic Energizer) It uses the principle that life forms can absorb radio wave energy to strengthen the cells of the body against physical imbalances and infection. The device creates a strong electromagnetic field that raises the vibration of your cells to their optimal frequency. By sitting next to the machine, one receives the benefits of this energy field.

A related product is Lifewave.

“The LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches contain the LifeWave technology. The patches are constructed from a patent pending blend of water, stabilized Oxygen, amino acids and sugars sealed inside of a plastic shell. These materials are put through a proprietary process and applied to a substrate so as to form a nano-scale organic antenna. This organic antenna is then “programmed” like a computer chip. When properly assembled, these LifeWave antennas are capable of passively communicating with the user to instruct the body to improve energy and stamina. Endorsements from Olympic swimming coach Richard Quick and LPGA Hall of Fame golfer JoAnne Carner.”