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Here’s an international effort that the Bush Administration supports. “More study” of course is also the Administration’s response to global warming, hence their lack of support for Kyoto Protocols that might actually do something about what is observed. So far, in the U.S. part of GEOSS, they’ve completed a strategic plan, and have scheduled a workshop – breathtaking progress in only 14 months.

“On February 16, 2005, 61 countries agreed to a plan that, over the next 10 years, will revolutionize the understanding of Earth and how it works. Agreement for a 10-year implementation plan for a Global Earth Observation System of Systems, known as GEOSS, was reached by member countries of the Group on Earth Observations at the Third Observation Summit held in Brussels. Nearly 40 international organizations also support the emerging global network. The GEOSS project will help all nations involved produce and manage their information in a way that benefits the environment as well as humanity by taking a pulse of the planet.”