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This is interesting – this is a little forward thinking, even for an agency that is supposed to be forward thinking. Certainly this is coming and a reasoned examination of how/if spectrum policy will affect this emerging group of technologies, but I wonder if some device manufacturers are looking to reserve specific spectrum to set the stage for commercial introductions.

“The FCC yesterday approved a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) to create a MedRadio band from 401-406 MHz that would allocate an additional 2 MHz of spectrum for radio transmissions from implanted and body-worn medical devices.”

“The Commission is asking for comments on its proposal to provide ADDITIONAL spectrum for use by new medical devices that are in use or soon will be. Implanted or body-worn devices in the future could enable paralyzed individuals to control artificial limbs by thought through wireless interfaces between brain, nerve and muscle… For health care providers and patients, such wireless implant monitoring technologies have the potential to lower medical costs by extending the time between hospital visits and surgical procedures.

The spectrum and operational rules being proposed are intended to ensure that these devices are able to operate effectively.

Comments are due by October 31 and can be filed on ECFS express at