The mission of Neurosphere Technologies (NST) is to further develop digital technology and businesses in the service of mental and physical health, wellness, and human potential. The company has a particular focus on the availability of consumer pricing for Brain-Computer Interface technologies such as EEG equipment. NST also consults in the broader space of Digital Health and Wellness.


CEO Don Dulchinos is an experienced technology industry executive. LinkedIn Profile:

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Technology Tracking

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Product Incubation/Development

Mentor/Advisor in Tech Industry

Non-profit Organization Development, Management


Neurosphere Technologies is a for-profit entity spun off from the Neurosphere Institute.  The Neurosphere Institute is a non-profit organization organized around the long-term trend of an interconnected human population.  Such interconnection is leveraging technology developments in the Internet, social media, and the emerging Brain Computer Interface (BCI) segment. Metaphorical connections are becoming literal.

Neurosphere the book available as Kindle here

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Neurosphere: The Convergence of Evolution, the Internet, and Group Mind