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Wearable Computing

Personal Infrastructure

Another of my favorite companies to watch. Alas, fallen on hard times.

“Mobile Assistant V (MA V) wearable computer boosts on-the-job productivity and quality of service. This powerful, rugged, fully functional, super lightweight wearable computer goes anywhere to achieve the task-at-hand. Xybernaut Software and Services complement the MA V Product Platform and ensure maximum benefit for your organization…A maintenance technician on a pole repairing a line accesses schematics and confirms a work order in real-time to quickly restore phone service to customers.

Xybernaut, involved in a Chapter 11 proceeding before the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, is engaged in an effort to reorganize with the objective of emerging from Chapter 11 as a viable provider of mobile and wearable computing and communications solutions. In pursuing this objective, the company recently negotiated a debtor-in-possession loan of up to $5 million over a one year period, and is seeking to sell its many patents and intellectual properties.”