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Cheap Computers and Cheapskates

Network Infrastructure for the Neurosphere

Another entry in the computer-for-the-rest-of-the-world contest.

“Novatium – Computers for the Next Billion. Novatium has built a simple and secure technology platform that provides the user with an array of comprehensive computing solutions. Novatium’s access devices are ‘Thin’ because their complexity has been moved from the device to a central server. So, the user finds an appliance-like simplicity in using Novatium devices.”

And a self-serving wet blanket.

“Potential computer users in the developing world will not want a basic

$100 hand-cranked laptop due to be rolled out to millions, chip-maker

Intel Corp. (Nasdaq:INTC – news) chairman Craig Barrett said on Friday…Barrett said similar schemes in the past elsewhere in the world had

failed and users would not be satisfied with the new machine’s limited

range of programs.”;_ylt=Apq1sBouHlw02IPLKOvJu4pU.3QA;_ylu=X3oDMTA3MXN1bHE0BHNlYwN0bWE-