The Human-Human Interface

Cognitive Planet


An opinion from a scientist taking the long view.


Consciousness Hacking Meet-ups


A Colorado group that is doing some meet-ups that touch on neurosphere themes, especially Brain-Computer Interfaces.

Transceiver Implant?


Begs the question – how to get messages from your mind to the transmitter…

Ambient Energy for All My Friends


DARPA is in the BCI Game now


“The Neural Engineering System Design (NESD) program aims to develop an implantable neural interface able to provide advanced signal resolution and data-transfer bandwidth between the brain and electronics.”

Grants have begun to go out – “As part of the DARPA NESD Program, Paradromics is developing the Neural Input–Output Bus, or “NIOB”, which is scheduled for clinical trials in 2021.”

And now Zuckerberg


Group Mind from a Non-Technical Perspective

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Toward a Fourth Turning of Buddhism

From Ken Wilber: “We” practices—A popular saying is that the next Buddha will be the Sangha. There are an increasing number of groups who take this very seriously, and not only practice together, as is common now, but are pioneering the exploration of actual “we” experiences—or shared experiences—at each of the higher stages of meditative development (e.g., gross, subtle, causal, etc.). As each stage of meditation shows us a higher consciousness (or “I” space), what is the corresponding “we” space of such higher “I’s” brought together?