The Human-Human Interface

neural sensing for profit!

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TV ratings company Nielsen buys neuroscience research firm to fold into its subsidiary “Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience.”

Open Source BCI on Kickstarter

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Only $99. Next level biosensing at a quarter of the price.

Brainwave Device Control

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Improving Control of Neural Prosthetics through Learning

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Brain-Computer Interface Investments to Skyrocket

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Global Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Market is expected to reach USD 1.7 billion by 2022, according to a new study by Grand View Research Inc. Increasing incidences of neurodegenerative conditions, advancements in neuroscience, rising geriatric population base and the growing demand for neuroprosthetics are some impact rendering drivers of the brain computer interface market.

Sapiens Plurum

Wholeness and Virtual Communities

Against the singularity.

Neurosphere Book in Print and e-book


Growth in Internet Connections – Update from 10 years Ago

Network Infrastructure for the Neurosphere

As expected.
2005 – 15% of world population connected to internet

2015 – 42%.

FireChat as self organizing (auto poetic) neural connection

Network Infrastructure for the Neurosphere

When users are connected to the internet, FireChat works like any other messaging app. But when the signal is weak or absent, it comes into its own, using Bluetooth or Wi-fi to bounce messages between phones until it can find an internet connection and be whisked off to its intended recipient.

World Population Day

Wholeness and Virtual Communities

one of my theories is when population hits 10 billion (forecast to be in 2050), emergent global brain events will begin to occur.