The Human-Human Interface

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Article here on “BCI and Beyond



Thought, gesture-controlled robots

Wearable Silent Speech Device

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Work from MIT Fluid Media Labs.

Emotion Regulation and Complex Brain Networks


Emotion regulation (ER) refers to the “implementation of a conscious or non-conscious goal to start, stop or otherwise modulate the trajectory of an emotion” (Etkin et al., 2015). Whereas multiple brain areas have been found to be involved in ER, relatively little is known about whether and how ER is associated with the global functioning of brain networks.

Halo Neuroscience Funding



The company’s flagship device, the Halo Sport, is designed to deliver neurostimulation to the motor cortex in a 20 minute neuropriming session which Halo Neuroscience claims induces a temporary state of hyperplasticity that allows neural pathways from the motor cortex to the muscles to be optimized and strengthened.”

Brain-Computer Interfaces at the Consumer Electronics Show


My top ten of consumer-grade EEG devices. 

Neural Correlates of Mood Disorders


…use algorithms to detect patterns associated with mood disorders, then deep-brain stimulation to disrupt those patterns. DARPA-funded…



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Cognitive Planet


An opinion from a scientist taking the long view.


Consciousness Hacking Meet-ups


A Colorado group that is doing some meet-ups that touch on neurosphere themes, especially Brain-Computer Interfaces.

TransTech and Integral Thought Roundtable

Thursday, Nov 30, 2017, 6:30 PM

Location details are available to members only.

9 Consciousness Hackers Attending

Damon and Gabe will present on their trip to the Transformative Technology conference;  if Don gets his act together, he’ll present on how our Con Hack topics intersect with the Integral approach of Ken Wilber.Note – no food/refreshments on site.Further out, we’re working on a larger event in early 2018 at The Caritas Center in Boulder.  Stay tun…

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